Monetary Reform in Politics

Miguel Angel Fernandez Ordoñez, exgobernador del Banco de España, speaking out for sovereign money en la Comisión de investigación sobre la crisis financiera, 7 de noviembre de 2017.

Debate on Money and Monetary Reform in the
Dutch Parliament

The Finance Committee of the Dutch Parliament discussed the monetary system and perspectives of monetary reform on Oct 14th, 2015. The meeting took place at the suggestion of the NGO Ons Geld. The video will soon be subtitled in English.
As a result > the Dutch government is now to investigate money creation (PM, 31 March 2016).

Finnish Parliament
discussing sovereign money > Do we need monetary reform? June 2016

Sovereign Money Reform in Iceland

S.Thoroddsen and S.B.Sigurjonsson, KPMG Iceland, have presented a study commissioned by the Icelandic Prime Minister's Office, titled > Money Issuance. Alternative Monetary Systems.
The study was discussed at a high-level conference in Reykjavík on 5 Sep 2016. Here is the > video streaming of the event. 
Ben Dyson has written a > brief report for the International Movement for Monetary Reform.

The Icelandic parliament Althingi had taken a step towards sovereign money reform in October 2015, when a resolution was proposed by eleven parliamentarians from five parties represented in the parliament. If the resolution is not voted on before the end of the current legislative term, it will have to be submitted again in the next term
> Parliamentary Resolution on Reforming the Mechanism of Money Creation

Prior to this, a report commissioned by the Committee on Economic Affairs and Trade of the Icelandic Parliament had recommended to introduce a sovereign money system. Here is the > Press Release of the Prime Minister, and the > Report Monetary Reform - a better monetary system for Iceland.


The Swiss Referendum on Sovereign Money.
24 Yes : 76 No. A respectable result despite all fake news and scaremongering.

News about the campaign for monetary reform in Switzerland

• English-language media coverage prior to the vote, by Emma Dawney

• Swiss Referendum on Sovereign Money - too radical too soon? Positive Money Europe, 12 Juni 2018. 


How to make sense of the No vote?
In contrast to the voting result, the Swiss give rather different opinions in represenative surveys, the last one immediately after the vote: 60% think that all of the money in fact does comes the National Bank, 80% say it definitely ought to be so, while only 10% deem it acceptable that banks create bankmoney of their own as they do. ( Source> ).   

• Why the Swiss should vote for 'Vollgeld', by Martin Wolf, Financial Times, June 5, 2018. 
 A Vote to Upend Banking as We Kow it, by Brian Blackstone, Wall Street Journal, June 1, 2018. 
 Shake your money makers. Reshaping banking, The Economist, Feb 27, 2016.  

Monetary reform at the Labour and Conservative Party Conferences 2016> read, view and listen here. 

On 20 Nov 2014, the British House of Commons held a backbench business debate on Money Creation & Society, the first such debate after 170 years when the Parliament decided upon the Bank Charter Acts, introducing the Bank of England monopoly on paper money. Today, the challenge is money on account. For viewing the livestream record> this link.